MudgeeMystery takes you on a sleuthing adventure throughout the heart of our town. Immerse yourself in the fantasy and intrigue of this original puzzle, hidden within the streets of Mudgee.

So put on your detective's cap and get ready to...


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what is
The Henry Lawson Edition of Mudgee Mystery is based around a fictional story that goes like this ....

A 100 year old bomb has been discovered ticking away underneath the Mudgee clock tower and it looks like it could explode soon!


But there is still hope: the instructions for defusing the bomb have been encrypted in one of Henry Lawson’s poems.


But how will you decipher it? And who is accountable for planting the bomb?


It’s up to you and your team to save Mudgee.

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MudgeeMystery takes you on a sleuthing adventure through the heart of town. It's a perfect activity for friends and family to take part in together.


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You can take your time to explore Mudgee, or race to the finish. This is your chance to explore Mudgee in a new way



Walking Distance


Family Relevance

1.5 km
1.5 hr
Any age.
Supervise children.