A message from 


Jessica Nipperess 

Hiya! I'm Jessica Nipperess, the founder and main creator of Mudgee Mystery. 

I'm 13 years old (at the time when the first Mystery was released) and already taking on the world :)!!


I love exploring different parts of Mudgee and wanted other people to see my beautiful hometown through the scope I saw it through; historical intrigue, with quirky sculptures and landmarks. Mudgee is such an interesting place! I created Mudgee Mystery to achieve that. 

Soon after I formulated the idea, I pitched for funding from Orana Arts at their local 'soup session' and received it! Ever since then Mudgee Mystery has been supported by the Youth Council, and, to be honest, they're part of the reason Mudgee Mystery is now a thing.


I also gathered together a couple of other creative teens, just like me, to help with creating the first Mystery, the Henry Lawson edition. 


I hope you enjoy the adventure of Mudgee Mystery and if you do, make sure to tell your friends, post on social media, spread the word! You have no idea how powerful word of mouth can be. 

Wait a second... what are you doing reading this?? Get off your butt and start exploring Mudgee! 


Jessica Nipperess

MudgeeMystery Founder