What does it cost?

This is a FREE activity.


Where do I get the Mystery Guide and Clue Sheet?

After April 13th you can print out the Mystery Guide and Clue Sheet from our website, or pick up a copy from Mudgee Library.


How long will it be available to do?

This is an ongoing activity and you can do it any day and any time that suits you.


What do I need to take with me?

As a must, you will need the Mystery Guide and Clue Sheet and a pen/pencil to write your answers to the clues. You can download these from this site on the page 'take on the mystery!' or pick them up at the Mudgee Library.


Also, take your phone and snap some fun shots of you and your team tackling the mystery – post them on social media and share your experience! #mudgeemystery.


How long does it take and how far will I be walking?

It will take around 1 – 1.5 hours to complete the Mystery and the trail is about 1km in total.


What does doing the Mystery involve?

You will be following directions on the clue sheet that will take you around the streets of Mudgee (mostly Church St and Market St) and through some of our parks. You will look for the clues that are described on the Clue Sheet, answer them and use these answers to solve the mystery. All of this will make sense once you have a Mystery Guide and Clue Sheet at hand.


Who is Mudgee Mystery aimed at?

This is for all ages. It’s a fun activity for groups of friends (adults or teens) or families with young kids to do together. You can, of course, tackle the Mystery as an individual if you like! You don't need to know the streets of Mudgee to take part; anyone can do this.


How will I know if I’ve solved the Mystery once I’m done?

You can either go onto the website and enter your answers in or email your answers to mmlawson.answers@gmail.com. DO NOT send an email to this address before completing the mystery as the reply is automatic and gives you the answers (and well, that would ruin the fun!)

Who came up with Mudgee Mystery?

Mudgee Mystery was borne from an idea by Jessica Nipperess, a local Mudgee teenager who wanted to create something fun and imaginative for people to do in Mudgee. With the help of a few recruits (see 'team' page), Jessica has worked hard over the past 6 months creating the mystery, the clues, the website and all the material that goes with this. She hopes you enjoy it!


The Mudgee Mystery activity is free thanks to some funding support from Orana Arts and Mudgee Youth Council to help with printing costs of the materials, posters and web hosting fees.

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