Launch day

13th of April

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13th of April is MudgeeMystery: The Lawson Edition's Launch day! On this day, you can take part in the Mystery when the Library's open will be able to pick up all the materials you need for no cost at all and receive a small prize when you finish.


To take part in the Mystery, all you need is a Mystery Guide and a Clue Sheet. Both of these will be available at the Mudgee Library and downloadable from this website on and from the 13th.

And even though the 13th of April is our launch day, Mystery Guides and Clue Sheets will be available from the Mudgee Library and our website throughout the holidays continuing on from there. This activity is ongoing and you can have a crack at the Mystery whenever it suits you best.

Help us create a Launch day gallery

Currently, we have 3 photos. You can add to our gallery by posting your launch day photos while doing MudgeeMystery with the hashtag #mudgeemystery on facebook or sending them to