Jessica Nipperess


Jessica is the founder of Mudgee Mystery.  

She is a creatively-minded and dedicated young individual with a knack for coming up with ideas and making them a reality. Jessica hopes everyone can enjoy the product of her hard work and creativity.



I created Mudgee Mystery as something exciting and new for the people of Mudgee!


Courtney BOxsell

Courtney was interested in helping out with Mudgee Mystery for the story-telling and puzzle aspect. The artwork for the Mudgee Mystery logo is yet one example of her amazing artistic abilities.  




Finally something fun and imaginative in Mudgee. I just had to be a part of it.


Support and Delegate

Anna was drawn to Mudgee Mystery as an opportunity to use her creativity, vision and attention to detail.


"I'm someone who loves being with my family. I contributed to this project in the hope that families would spend more time together."